The Hobbit? Oh Hell Yes!

Star Wars: The Old Republic has pretty much been consuming all of my free time lately, so I apologize for not saying much^^

But, holy shit, the new Hobbit trailer - the movie needs to come out now.  Also, the soundtrack; I think I've played the trailer about 50 times today just to hear that song. 

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Nami - Learning to Fight to Win

Kids back in school + major car repairs to do = not much time for posting lately :p  But even more than that, I find it really hard to articulate my thoughts about Nami.  Her character growth is more complicated than the rest of the crew.

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Luffy - The Man Who Would Be King

Whew, life gets crazy sometimes; I had planned this to be up over a week ago :p  Anyway, continuing on.

As I mentioned in this post:
 http://manga-crow.livejournal.com/25861.html one of my favorite aspects of Oda's storytelling is the subtlety with which he builds his themes.  This is especially true of his character development; look elsewhere for the typical "lightning flash of illumination" that drives so many shounen series.  In One Piece you can see the direction of the growth in every action they take, so that when an attitude change or growth is revealed, in retrospect, the reader can see it happening step by step.  There are a couple exceptions to this rule, of course, but they're restricted to truly earth-shattering moments for those characters, moments that really would cause a person to rethink their priorities and beliefs. 
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One Piece Article Series - An Introduction

As I've mentioned a few times, I have been wanting to do a series of One Piece articles in honor of the crew reaching the halfway point in their journey.  Those articles are going to be mostly character based, exploring the arc of the growth over the series thus far, but before I got to those, I wanted to talk about some of the non-character elements that I love (and some of the more general character development traits as well).

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One Piece - Anime vs Manga part 3

Grr, and here we come to the worst of any of the changes; this is the arc that made me starting reading the manga first, and then watching the anime.

Chapters 303 - 321, Episodes 207-226 (Davy Back Fight + Filler)
First of all, and most importantly - THERE WERE ONLY THREE FIGHTS!  The water race, that they lost Chopper at, the Groggy Ring where they took him back, and the captain's duel, where Luffy took the flag.  There was no "let's save the horse" bullshit that completely undermined Luffy's character in the anime ><  There are a lot of minor changes to the fights as well, but probably the only potentially notable thing is that Usopp knew exactly what the Davy Back fights were in the manga.
Secondly, Aokiji showed up right after the Davy Back fights, so that sequence of events is quite a bit different - what he does is freeze all of the water of Long Ring island so that Tonjit can walk home.  No tunneling moles required.
The Ocean's Dream and Foxy's return are straight up filler, of course.
In the manga, there is also an open discussion between the crew about finding a shipwright, rather than Usopp deciding it on his own.

Side story:
Gedatsu's Accidental Blue Sea Life - After Gedatsu loses his battle to Chopper and falls from Skypiea, through a series of accidents and coincidences, he ends up as the business partner of Goro, Kohza's uncle, and helps him found a hot spring resort.

One Piece - Anime vs Manga part 2

Bleh, I didn't realize how much I depend on LJ for interaction until it's gone :p  Yay for it being back now, though^^

Back to the articles: 

As a general note, here is where the anime really starts to pad out the fights - almost every fight has several more exchanges than depicted in the manga - which is fine, although some times it does skew perception a bit.  The padding almost uniformly happens earlier in the fights, and the Strawhats tend to lose a higher percentage of those exchanges.  The Bellamy fight is a good example - in the manga, Luffy is in control the entire fight, everything Bellamy tries he counters with ease.  The anime makes him look like he's in a lot more danger, slipping and getting hit a few times.  Again, overall not a major deal, he still completely owns Bellamy, but there is that slight skew of perspective.

Also worth noting, this is where Oda starts using "intro-boxes" heavily to introduce new characters, usually it just has their name and rank/bounty, but sometimes there's fairly vital information, and the anime mostly leaves the boxes out entirely.

Chapters 219-303  Episodes 144 - 206 (Skypeia)

Bounties not mentioned:
Masira - 23,000,000
Shoujou - 36,000,000
Sarquiss - 38,000,000

Bellamy is quite a bit more vicious when he loses the card game.
Cricket apparently borrowed a gun from Hollywood - how many times did he fire that one shot flintlock in the anime? 20?  Granted, it was still 3 shots in the manga, although in theory he could have been switching guns?  (you can't see him very well in that scene in the manga)
There's an extra scene in the anime while the Merry is being taken by the lobster explaining why Zoro didn't just kill it.
Episodes 196-206 are filler (but some of the best filler, imo)

Side Stories:
Wapol's Omnivorous Hurrah - Havinging been propelled onto an unknown island by Luffy, Wapol experiences (for the first time), life as a homeless man. Eventually, he uses his Baku Baku powers to create unique toys by fusing different things together, and begins to work his way back up the social ladder by selling these toys to children. In the end he opened his own shop and married Miss Universe.

Ace's Great Blackbeard Search - During the course of his travels to find Blackbeard, Ace befriends the milk maiden Moda after she saves his life, and in return, infiltrates the naval base G-2 to deliver a message to Vice Admiral Comil. During his undercover stint, he inadvertently helps reunite Moda with her parents, and acquires information on Blackbeard. Although it was never animated, a reference to the arc can briefly be seen in the newspaper read by Crocus in episode 381, which shows Moda with her family and Vice Admiral Comil drinking milk.

One Piece - Anime vs Manga

Whew, now that the bile is out of my system, let's talk about something far more interesting - One Piece! 

While the One Piece anime is one of the better adaptations, it still has quite a few additions and subtractions.  Some of them, I would submit, even serve to make the show better, most are fairly irrelevant one way or another, and a few actually make a negative difference. 

The biggest difference lies in the cover page arcs that Oda does in the manga - he typically uses that page to tell an ongoing story of what happens to the characters that the crew leaves behind.  Sometimes it's just funny, or nice to know where someone ended up, but increasingly, they've been an important source of information, sometimes even critical information.  (They did animate two of those arcs, but the viewer numbers were apparently terrible - for some reason, people liked fillers about the crew better than finding out important information><)
There are some changes I'm just going to leave out as they not important at all (does it really matter that Luffy fight's Helmeppo in the street instead of in the restaurant?)

Episodes 1-19, Chapters 1-41
Most of the changes here are just in the order of telling. 
The manga opens up with Luffy as a child dealing with Shank's crew, and then moves on to the encounter with Alvida.
Luffy's barrel get's washed up on the island where Alvida's pirates hang out, instead of a ship. 
Nami doesn't show up  
Zoro has his flashback at the Naval base, instead of much later
Nami stealing the pirates' boat happens off-screen
Buggy kills the crew member that insulted him with a Buggy Ball instead of letting him go
It's a little more clear that Nami intended to get Luffy away from Buggy after she had stolen the key a second time
Zoro's response to being kicked in his wound is a lot more graphic (go anime!)
They meet Gaimon before Usopp - also, Zoro is asleep the whole time, so Nami and Luffy are the only ones that actually talk to Gaimon
It takes longer for Luffy to realize that Usopp is Yasopp's son; he also tells him when they're alone, so Nami and Zoro don't know.

Cover arcs - the Little Buggy adventures, which are covered in the anime

Episodes 20-30 Chapters 42-68
There's an explanation of why Johnny and Yosaku thought Mihawk was at Baratie - there was a customer there called Red-Eyes (Akanami), not Hawk-Eyes (Takanami)
Johnny and Yosaku attack Fullbody when he insults them - getting beaten quickly
During the Sanji Flashback, Zeff eats his own leg to survive instead of losing it to save him from drowning (anime explanation is much better :p)

Cover arc - the Little Buggy adventure, covered in the anime

Episodes 31-44 Chapters 69-95
Here is where the anime starts to really faithfully follow the manga in detail. The differences really become "complete filler scenes" for the most part. 
Nezumi orders his men to fire, instead of doing the shooting himself

Cover Arc - Morgan's Escape, covered in the anime

Episodes 45-61 chapters 95-100
A ton of filler here, as the episode counts vs chapter count shows :p
Filler -
The encounter with Fullbody
Luffy's encounter in the bar
Zoro breaking Tashigi's glasses and the stuff that follows.  In the manga, he just picks up her glasses and hands them back
The cooking contest
The fight with Smoker where Luffy accidentally flings himself away
The Daddy Masterson story is technically filler, but it was actually written by Oda and cut from the manga because they wanted chapter 100 to be the beginning of the Grand Line
It's strongly implied in the manga that the insane wind is caused by Dragon - someone yells out a command (I've seen it translated as "Storm" and "Wind Blast") right before the wind picks up.
The Going Merry doesn't drift away, so Luffy doesn't do the Gomu Gomu Rocket
Everything with Apsis and the dragons.
- Dragon has an additional line in the anime "Wind, blow.  Bring forth the Storm of Destiny!" as he's walking the streets
Eric doesn't show up to spoil the ride up Reverse Mountain

Cover arc - Morgan's Escape

Episodes 62-90 Chapters 101-154
Mr 3 uses wax swords to pin Brogy down instead of shackles
Nami's bug bite is shown as a flashback on Drum island

Cover arc - Jango's Dance Paradise - Jango is left behind and then flees to a dance island, where a huge dance contest is going on.  He and Fullbody compete for first place, Jango wins, but they strike up a manly friendship and then together they beat a group of rampaging pirates - Jango's cover is blown though, and he is arrested.  Fullbody fights to free him though, and wins but earns himself a demotion (Objection Dance ftw)  Just as Jango is about to erase Fullbody's memories and sail away, he catches sight of Hina - he and Fullbody both vow to follow her forever.

Episodes 90-143 Chapters 154-218
Another arc with a fair amount of filler mixed in
Filler -
The scenes with Luffy discovering Dance Powder early
The scene where Chopper meets Eyelashes
Anything with Ace after he destroys the Billion's fleet - in the manga he leaves right after giving Luffy the mysterious piece of paper
98, 99, 100 and 101 are all filler
Episodes 131 until the very end of 143 are all filler (until the ship falls from the sky)

Also, most of Mr. 2's references to "Okama" replaced with "Ballet"

Cover Arc - Hachi's Walk on the Sea Floor - Hachi escapes the Navy and adventures under the ocean rescuing various sealife, including Keimi the mermaid and her friend Pappug the starfish.  However, he ends up trading them to a group of his old crewmembers (pre-Arlong split) for a map to the tastiest takoyaki recipe that he wants so he can propose to his old love, Octopako, who rejected him for his terrible takoyaki.  He follows the map, but believes he's been tricked, so he goes and beats up his old friends and frees Keimi.  But., it turns out that they didn't trick him and he gets the recipie - anyway long story short, he ends up deciding to reject his old love in order to do the right thing and sets up a takoyaki stand with Keimi and Pappug. 

More to come!